Jymmie in London

Jymmie arrived from Dubai on tuesday in the late afternoon. When I heard his voice over my mobile a smile was engraved on my lips. After chatting for a while we decided to meet up later in his hotel. Me and Bryan (my roommater) took the tube to Green park which was about 5 stops from my place. Jymmie & Co was staying the Radisson Edwardian Mayfair hotel and its was a beautiful hotel. The choice of minimalism spread the hotel lobby and rooms. Back to Jymmie. I gave him a package that was sent to me. He gave 2 carton of cigarette form Dubai dutyfree. After chatting briefily we left the hotel to West End (SOHO). Once arrived we walked around for a while and the weather was getting even colder. Temperature was around 3 to 0.

We end up in a bar called G-A-Y which actually has a mixed crowd. Later Jymmie’s friend and sister joined us as well.. We had a really good time in the bar drinking and dancing.. Left the bar around 12midnite and walked to Leceister Square for fresh air. Got myself a cheap pizza as i was a bit hungry.. After Leceister we proceed to trafalgar square. Nothing much to see at that time though.. it was getting late as Jymmie & Co leaving to paris next day morning.. They took a cab back to the Hotel.. me and bryan took our normal nite bus and headed home..

Was a bit tired but was happy to spend some time with Jymmie.. Can’t wait for this weekend as he will be back for 2 nites in london before going back home.. Clubbing is definately in the itenary!!

Au Revoir !!!


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