More wisdom

Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten

BF Skinner

Its funny how mind works? we can and imagine whatever you want. we can be dying or even flying on a magic carpet. Between reality and imagination there exists a distance. this bridge is the hurdle in most of our lives. how do we captualize a plan to win this crossover.. Let PLAN!!
Strangely the time to cross the bridge is also determined by our mind. When we imagine an end results of something that we really want or want to be the powerful mind quickly calculates and strike a plan. But at the same time and the same mind perceive the plan being difficult and not viable. If you are not strong enough it will immediately starts speculating.
How can we manipulate to go ahead with a realistic plan. The power of mind VS reality.
For those wonder what the F this guy is talking, stop and start using your mind. Captualize a plan and find the mind before it starts speculating. I know its difficult as it happens to be as well but with a little practise you will get there. We humans have inherant capibility some beyond our imagination. Beside my normal routine blog I will be exploring and sharing with all of you similiar subject thats exites me..
email me and tell me your experience..


“spread love not hatred”

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