Love.. Again!! (the universal word uncovered)

This week I was thinking a lot about Love. What is it about this 4 letter word that change someones life dramatically. It passes through gender, sexuality, religion and sometime to extend of taking up your life. After puberty all of us starts looking for the other half to make our life complete. Why is it for some people is easy and straightforward and for other is like taking a short or a long trip to hell. If Love was good and essential and healthy why does it hurts so much. It got me thinking. One of the subject that cross my mind is that we want to define what we got or acheive all the time. We always wants to know whether we are successful, have money for the next meal, are we having the best cloths or even best friends.

We grew up programmed to define every little curve that happens in our life. We want that we want this but never really define what we really need. Is love really a need? or a want. hmmm
Like what mark says always I’m going to put my thinking cap on for this coming week and hopefully finding that true meaning of Love. What is the perfect concotion that makes a relationship work? well I am on one now.. and working on it.. The first rule of any love/relationship is giving the other half a space to breathe… Since some of us have lived alone/single for some time, having someone new is a change. To adjust and comprise our own space for the one that we love is the hardest part. But its also one of the baby steps to strengthen the bond.

When do you know that you’ve moved to the next level of your relationship. Have you thought about it… Does it only applies for 2 people whom are new to a relationship and those married for years… I wonder..

~!~ My life will be sour grapes and ashes without you ___ Daisy Ashford

>>> for those who knows Carrie Bradshaw, she insipires my work just the outline the subject is mine

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