30 days more to London

I got in work 4 minutes late and I was not sleepy but super fresh. Work was normal like any other Monday but today was different because I don’t have to handle complaints cases anymore. I was assigned to do a project before my last day with Eleonor and I’m scheduled on 5days week that means off on Saturday and Sunday. It was quite a hectic day and I had some work to be cleared and I was preparing materials for the project.

Today was also the $2.8million toot draw, I shared with sue and place a bet (we did not win though), if I did maybe I won’t be writing this right now. Well. Back to the story, actually nothing much happen today, oh I met up with Mr. Dr D and the rest is history.

It going to be 1 is and I still cannot sleep, rather then twist and turn on my bed will start typing this.

There were few replies for the job application I submitted online, one even asked for my contact no. I really wish I could confirm a job as quick as possible…

I think I’ll stop here and start closing my eyes to get some sleep. Working at 8am tomorrow.
Check out for more update soon!!


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