Poovan in Paris 1st day – part 2

Continued from the previous blog. We started walking towards to Bastille. To be honest we did not really know we were heading there. Since both of us did not have breakfast, we were looking for a place to have lunch. After passing numerous cafe, we settled for a rather authentic looking place. Another reason was this was the only restaurant which has an English. My advise to first time traveler to Paris – learned how to order food and wish people. If not you will be so lostI ordered grilled turkey breast, chocolate mousse and coke. Nothing much to mention about the food, but it quench our thrist and hunger. Edward was more adventureous, he had steak with the same dessert. During lunch we went through the map and figure out we just passed Bastille and was heading the right direction to central paris. Our next stop was the famous Notre-Dame. The centrepiece for the novel by Victor Hugo. On the way we stop by the natural history museum and a beautiful park. From farway we sighted the notre-dame. Its a splendid work of gothic arhictecture. Words are not enought the describe the splendour. We spend a good hour walking around and inside the cathedral. Across the road was Latin Quertier. A district full of bookshop (no english books). It was close to dinner time by the time we finished the quertier.
We decided to head back hotel and take a shower before we go for dinner.

The famous district of Republique become our dinner venue. After that we walk through to Les Halles (closer to the red light district). Here we went to a bar and drank beer. Ordering was not such an easy task. We went back to the hotel around 1030pm as we know its going to be a long day tomorrow..

2nd day travelogue on the next blog.

Au revoir!!


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