[Poovan In A Blog] 22nd August 2005

I open my eyes and outside was so bright, I reach out to my mobile to check on the time. It was only 630am. So I thought I could sleep more. Later I woke up around 10am, wanted to get ready to go out and look for a job. Varun got up and came to the room, we were talking about what I did in the weekend. Outside it was still raining and it’s quite depressing. So I decided to stay home and update my resume and type my diary. Varun was supposed to be off but he got a call from his workplace to come back to work. So he rushed to work leaving back home alone. He switched a show on the TV. I watched it for an hour and had lunch. Heated a bowl of noodle and drank coffee. I told myself its going to be a lazy day for me and I was not planning to go out anywhere.

I stay home the whole day and watched tv and eat a lot..


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