First week in London

My first week in London finally came to end, stepping into the 2nd week I started to feel more like a Londoner, maybe its to early to use that term. Below is the wrap up for this week. I feel lost everytime I step out of the tube station. Every building seems to whole a lot of meaning and history as it’s been here for a long time. I’m taking each step slowly to feel and appreciate London. I’ve been to the most tourist attraction in central London except Buckingham (waiting for the right time to see the changing of guards).

The must sees from my point of view :-

1) House of Parliament and Big Ben – This picture perfect site is as good as its look in a postcard. I stand around this area for more then 30mins. (wait for my update on my online album for the pictures)
2) British Museum – Its free and huge, I mean really huge. If you really want to see each and every artifact please come early. My first mummies sighting will be from here. Lots of massive sculptures from around the world. Not to be missed.

3) Harrods – The first time I saw Harrods was in a documentary from the Travel/Discovery channel, instantly I registered it as the must see in my personal list. The dwelling itself has lot of story to tell you and no should miss the Diana & Dodi memorial. Few days ago I read from the newspaper there will be a new installation of statue of them. Will get a glimpse of them the next time. The Hall of Food reminds me of my time in Japan and basement of Takashimiya. You could get any cuisine under these roofs.

4) Trafalgar Square – the massive space filled with sculptures of famous people and big lions. You can have a good view from the 2nd deck on your bus ride too.

5) Piccadilly Circus and the status of Eros – The famous electronic billboards are found here. U might have seen it in some movies. In the centre of the junction you will see the statue of god of love, Eros. Surrounding areas includes more old building housing shopping centre and bookstores.

6) Ride on the classic routemaster red double decker bus – you will find this easy to find, each short ride will cost min 80p.

7) High streets in Oxford and Regent Street – a collection of high end boutiques of designer label, trust me you can get everything here to fill your wardrobe and shoe cupboards.

8) Old Compton road at SOHO – this is must not be missed, for first timer you will be surprised to see how open this country is towards sexuality. Some may even get a culture shock. Arrays of sex shops and to be seen bars and cafes.

9) Hyde Park – A short walk from Harrods you will enter Hyde Park, in summer it is filled with people and swan and ducks. Good walk!!

10) Brixton Market – this is where I live, the market accented by the Afro-Caribbean culture. If you’ve never been to a black area this is your chance.

Other of the beaten tracks – yet to be discovered. Before I came to London I read in a photography journal that if you’re bored of London then you’re bored of life. Now I know and believe the true essence of that phrase.

London has so much to offer, each stops of the tube or bus unleash new experience.

Start saving and plan your trip here!!! -:)


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