Paris 4th (last) day

Even though our return train back to London is only at 630pm we needed to check out the hotel at about 12pm. Since my visit to Lourve was in a rush I decided to make my way back to see Mona Lisa again. This time we did not leave together as Edward was not so keen in Lourve or Mona Lisa. Since it was the first time going out all alone wanted to get a bit adventurous. I took a bus to Champs-Elysees. My paris visite pass has expired so I had to juggle with euro coins to get the correct amount. The bus driver was quite
Patient with me. The bus cruised through rebublique, chatelet and some familiar streets and avenues. After about 25mins I reached Champs-Elysees, Arc de triomphe came to view. Still looking grandeur!!! I crossed the rood
And walked towards Champs. It was about 9am on Saturday morning so there
Was not many people on the street. On the other side of the road stood the
Louis Vutton store, I was surprised to see people on queue early morning.
Took a snap and walked passed slowly breathing the cool Paris air around
Me. From here I took a bus to Musee Du Orsay. This museum was listed
As a must see in the guide book. The building looks old and nice architecture. Its used to be a train station and was converted to a museum, so you still can see the big clock hanging on the wall. The art collection was quite limited not as big as Lourve. From one of the window Lourve is visible across the seine river. I walked inside the museum orsay for a good 30mins. The building is really beautiful. I was wondering how it would have been when it was in operation as a museum.

Crossed the river and walked to my favorite palace in Paris – the Lourve.
Mo words to describe but just wanted to good bye for now. I will be back.
It was already 1130am… was getting late for the return back to the hotel.
Check out time is at 12pm and I’ve not even packed my bag. Took the Metro
And ran to my hotel room. After about 15minutes both of us were checking out in the lobby. Going to miss the hotel.

We headed to the last destination on our travel check list – the flea market. It was 2 metro stops from our train station. The flea market was
Quite interesting but was not enough to keep me going. So I told Edward that I will meet him at the train station later. On the way back to the metro station someone handed me a voucher for discount meals in McDonalds. Hhmmm!!! French mcd lunch before I leave, ordered whole meal with chocolate sundae. It tastes same except for the sauce. The curry sauce is terrible. Ketchup is same. I sat in the restaurant for more then 1 hour reading Arunathi Roy book while enjoying my lunch and the view of French people. Macdonalds was very busy, understandable because it was Saturday. After I got bored and every staff looked at me, I decided to leave.

Took the metro to Gare Nu Nord. It’s the same train station we arrived couple of days before. I found a nice café on the second floor to sit and right about my Paris trip. Place an order for a hot chocolate. The view of train berthing emits a nostalgic ambience. The yellowish light silhouette against light brown color background. ( I think you get the picture)

For a minute I wished the train is back to home, back to Malaysia. Oh boy this is what people call home sick.. I’m getting sick. Continue writing my travelogue till Edward arrived.

We check in and got into the train. In about 2 1/2 we will arrive in London waterloo….
Au Revoir Paris!! Bonjour London


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