Lonely Again

i keep telling everyone that i came to london to explore europe. but after this trip i begin to wonder on my path.
the saying “an empty mind is devils workshop” is very true. when i was in amsterdam, suddenly it felt i had all the time in my life which was lacking in london. so i thought about a lot of things. the main worries started off with my age. this december i will be 28 and that started reflecting on me. for a moment i was looking for the quest of my life which was very real in the first month after i arrived in london. i spend few days wondering about it in amsterdam and after coming back to london. luckily going back to work took off all my free time. but it wonderful how the mind captures everything in our memory. the mind is the most powerful mainframe computer ever made as its capabilities and power is beyond words. eventhough my work was keeping me busy, and the back of my mind i was still thinking about everything. first thing first. my life is a bit unorganised.

my worst worries took its full form and it feels like i am back to where i started. is it true if you have everything in life but if you don’t have someone to share it with then its meaningless or somebody made it up so poor sods like me can crack and squeeze the brain to a greater degree. i’ve had relationship before and i know what its like. rome was not built in a day is the closest metaphor i can relate to relationship and i can safely use the term love. i miss it very much.. being in love, the laughter, the drama, the fun..

what do u want in life? i’m out to search the answer once again, yes i’ve done it few times in my life. every transition phase i go through createsa a requirement for me to reassess my well being and state of life. the answer is simple everyone wants and seek happiness all the time. the bottomline is how to accquire it because happiness comes in many form.

at the moment i am very happy with the work, because of all the great people that i work with.. the rest i need to figure them out, which i am working on.

as age catching up u heighten ur horizon to a different level, just like me now


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