Can’t wait for the weekend

This blog has been posted through my email. Its purely a test but I wanted to share some of the things that might be happening this weekend. After been smoking for more then a decade I finally conclude that I am nicotine addict and I could not give up without a battle. When I went to my GP I was handed a stop smoking clinic brochure evidently the word smoker must have flashed on my face. After a month or so of thinking finally i got myself together and called, made an appointment for a drop in clinic. The brochure reads its all free, I will be enrolled in 7 weeks plans which in the end should make smoke free. I will be given lesson, nicotine patch/gum and the whole kit to help the processs. Well I do not have such a high hope but determine to at least give it a try. My close friend Svenja gave me a book that was successfully help millions of people to stop smoking. Dunno why half I stopped and hit the book away from my eye. Maybe I was scared that I would eventually stop and give up my only favorite, expensive and dirty habit..
We’ll see how this clinic goes, you never know miracles do happen. So now you have a preview of what you will be seeing my blog for the next 7 weeks. Post-blues of a smoker whom stopped smoking.. do you think its possible. Why is it sometime small things hard to give up. Maybe it’s not a small thing at all after all..

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