Winter gone …Spring Leaves overturning

Mr Snow disappointed this winter for not showing a lot of himself. But I’m not giving up while welcoming spring, afterall its also my first one. Everyday on the way to work i walk pass a church. About a week ago the gardener planted something new, yesterday the buds are out and waiting to bloom. Can’t wait to see it on monday.

I am still smoking, the patches did not work so well as it give me side effect like headaches and nausea. The good news is I’m far less then i used to be.. never bought a cigarette on my own. Now I need to work out another plan for it. My manager told me that I was not ready to quit maybe he is right, one the other familiar side of the world my mom said it will be the greatest gift to her If i stop smoking.. Today morning I was reading a magazine and on the front page it shows SAY NO TO SMOKING!! if everyone saying its bad maybe it is.. lets see this over again.

Work was fantastic, its one of the best week so far. Did quite a number of sales. Just hoping the coming weeks will be the same. Above all I’m patiently waiting for the Easter weekend. Me and marky mark is going to Topsham.. its looks really beautiful from the pictures I saw on the internet..

good weekend to all.. leaving with some words from other people..

~!~ Fate is not an eagle, its creeps like a rat ___ Elizabeth Brown

~!~ From Politics it was an easy step to silence ___ Jane Austen


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