London is a city full with uncertainty. One day everything is well and fine and in split seconds its all upside down. Maybe thats the reason why I like it here so much. Coming from an Asian environment where life is always preplanned. From young we are moulded to plan for our education and life. The good part of it is that you know exactly whats happening but you can plan for the unexpected. You invest yourself low and the return is not substantial. Here in London you do not know whats going to happen tomorrow, this gives the edge of excitement. Opens new door with adventure and the returns are higher, of course the stakes is higher as well. With new season passing by I’ve learn how to shape my path to fit the picture.

No matter where you live, you must indefinitely have a contingency plan to fall back if something seriously go wrong.

_ life is a bitch then you die_rio_van_ingen

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