Poovan in Amsterdam 2006

Last friday i came back from amsterdam after spending my longest holiday in europe. i was there for 8days. i concluded u can describe amsterdam in 4 words – 1) Water – canals, 2) Sex – freedom in sex, there is a prostitution information centre, 3) museums – some of the well known and finally drug – canabis is legal so u can spoke ur head out.

this was the first holiday that i did not plan anything and now i know what a big mistake that was. Since i was staying with a dutch friend i was a bit ignorance, nevertheless i did have lots of rest and fun. my first very stop was the van gogh museum. i heard people from all over the world travel here to set their eyes on some of the painters work. In his lifetime vincent made around 900 painting and in the museum u can find around 200. u may ask what happens to the rest, it been scattered around the world. one of his greatest work the starry nite was not on display. i later bought a book on his complete paintings and found its in new york. so i’m still in search.

for some unknown reason most of the museums were either close or partly open. for example the rijkmuseum’s philip wing was only open, so i skipped it. the stedilijk museum was the same. on the way back to the main train station i stopped and visited my first sex museum. its called venus temple. i’ve not seen so many penises in one place. not really an eye opener.

amsterdam is full of coffee shop, don’t be mistaken beside normal coffee the other side of menu present a wide varieties of marijuana in different serving. i had a brownie which was rather amusing..

my digital camera shot aroung 450 pics throughout my trip and i am in midst of sorting, so a display on my online album will be soon. so keep a look out.

Dan Ku Al (thank u)


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