friday back to work

my day started very early today, woke up at 10am even though i only slept at 4am. i called arun and asked him whether he was still interested to watch a movie. at first he said no but later he called me back and say lets go. for those wondering we both live in the same house but different floors, mobile brings in some of the communication especially when both are on our both. we quickly got ready and walk to the cinema. its called ritzy – very well known in brixton. we watched the latest remake of the wickerman. if there was no nicolas cage.. then its not worth watching. i recommend u rather wait for the dvd or borrow it from a friend in like 3 years.

after the movie we both went to satay bar to have lunch. dunno why lately i’m obsessed with rice. last few days i’ve cooked rice and eat it once its on. satay bar serves really good indonesian cuisine. we had really a heavy lunch with variety of rice dishes. since i was only starting work at 6pm was really relaxed and had my first cocktail, it was made by dewi – not sure what it was called, she mixed everything and it was like a limited edition because she can’t remember what she mixed. still it was oozing with alcohol and great color, it also help to loosen my mind which was really good.

after all the food and drinks, it was time to go work. i arrived early at work to do some stuff but was not able to do it. it was a busy friday with our normal crowds. i do like busy times as the clock moves really quickly. after work some of us sat outside the restaurant and drink house wine and cruz compo (its a beer from spain). got back home at 3am. trying to sleep now.,. probably after finishing this blog.. thats like now.

there is a very important lesson i came in contact today, that no matter what happens life still goes on and there is always a solution to any challenges.

live life to the fullest (until u can)


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