Christmas Day Fiesta 2

Whenever a friend called, the first thing i say “i wanna go to new
york”. That happens after you’ve sat at home the whole day and watch 2
season’s of Sex and the City. not forgetting it also reminds you that
you’re single and fabulous..Well thats preety much whats happening at
my place. Last nite after drinking 3/4 bottle of vodka with freshly
squeezed orange juice i went to bed at 2pm. tonite it would be 10pm..
cuz i want to get up early on boxing day and hit the streets of oxford
street. the much anticipated shopping day will be arriving soon.
i hope you’re having a fabulous (oh god i need to find another word) time..

hope you got all the present that you deserved. At the end of all the
christmas craze i only had one question left unanswered – what do u
buy for a guy who has everything? and it still lingers..


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