Hearts… for new year

Dear Friends,

As one year pass on to another, we always reflect on what we have
acheive and done to make our life and the world a better place. The
question is how far will we go to acheive and not forgetting all the
new challenges that instore for 2007. After i reach 28 the cynical
side took the better and made me far from finding the true love in my
life. Sometimes i feel i don’t need it, other times it becomes so
paramount that i kept running away from it. Am i dropping back to the
classic love pattern.. that we need someone to share whatever we got,
else everything is meaningless.. Every year I discover something new
about myself and how is affects my life, thus i have given 2007 the
privillage where i will try my best to find what ultimately makes me
happy and hopefully full. Maybe the make-believe single and fabulous
is fading away..i am not sure..

Anyway I would also like to wish each of you a very splendid new 2007 year.

May the contradictory life changes..

Love Always


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