Ugly Betty DVD Marathon & New Year

Last nite me and my best friend, Sara went out on a trip to nowhere. Our first stop was OLD TOWN, the place i was born. It signify lots of memories in my life. My mother used to have supper just round the corner and I get my monthly hair cut from a friendly barber nearby. We were both hungry, so we stop near a chinese vendor to enjoy a bowl of noodle. Half way through I found out the stock was made from chicken (i become selective eater on 22dec) but it was too good to ditch away. Drank the soup and drove away. We end up at a nearby town and found a DVD shop. Sara insisted buying me a gift there(my birthday was on 19th dec). So I settled for season 1 of ugly betty, I bought brothers and sister. Two tv series that whirling up a storm everywhere. I love the naiveness of UB and the complicated family of brothers and Sisters. After that we got back to my place and started the DVD marathon. I’ve been watching UB the whole nite and it made me laugh.

2007 has been really a strange year for me. A lot of disappointment which taught me endurance in return. Nevertheless I am looking for 2008 with a strong heart and even bigger dreams.

Another friend of mine wanted us to write up new year’s resolution. I quietly objected first until he said weight loss will be mandatory. Since moving back to Malaysia, I never look at my ass because afraid I will go on a panic attack. Thanks to my mother’s home cooking that I missed for 8 years. Now I realised that a drastic action is in order. If I could not get into my dolce and gabbana jeans I’ll probably cry or ask my best friend to push me off a cliff.

Who wants to fat, right? I have nothing against fat people but I don’t want to end ill, health wise (i could hear you laughing). So its time to be on track and ditch the high carb food like Nasi Lemak that I love and the Roti Canai, my unbeatable supper (not super) food. Another big one i need to let go is tea. This is going to be a hard one because in my house, its like staple beverage. So I am going to take it slow with the tea, because it started to fell like an addiction. I have one already -smoking. Shall I resort to black coffee only policy?

Suddenly my inspiration to write about whatever challenging in my life seems to be flowing. So take my word and whip up your own resolutions list, but you can chose not to reveal it your friends. But shouting out loud creates an egoistic competition and we all know the ego always wins.

Good luck in whatever your dream/resolution are..

may 2008 brings you closer to revealing that you’re happy already but you just haven’t realize it yet.



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