Birthday Cake to Road Trip

29th December 2007 – Saturday

Birthdays for me is such an important event. The day I was born will be celebrated with happiness and its usually a month long bash. However this year the compass did not turn to my party mode at all. I cannot find a reason for it all, plainly I was not in the partying mood. 2007 was a very challenging for me especially with my move back to Malaysia. After 2 party and 1 dinner cancellation I decided not to make plans or initiate a celebration. Surprisingly it was not so hard. So this sent out different messages to my friends but I finally agreed for a quiet dinner with 4 of my closest friends. The day was fixed. It was Saturday and the time was approaching 730pm. I was still sleepy but my wet hair look really perk my appearance. The first one to arrive was Allan and followed by the rest. Among them I saw a box and it was obvious a cake were inside. Suddenly I was filled with excitement. As I blow the candle and made my wish I realised how important it was to have good friends around. I’m blessed with four. After that we drove over to my favorite chinese restaurant. We ordered a feast, mostly my favorites one. The butter prawn was yummy.

As the nite fall, we were wondering what to do next? Sara has always been talking about a drive to nowhere. So this was the perfect timing for it. All of us came back to my place to change and pack some essentials, which included 4 batik sarong, some IKO cracker, perfume, boxers shorts and extra clothes. Sara drove. The trip turn out better then I expected. We did a lot of stop over for tea, coffee and pee.. Arrive at 7am. Everyone was out for sunday morning exercise routine. Our eyes was feasted on line dancing, tai chi, tap dancing, aerobic and jogging mostly senior citizen. We were to sleepy to try any routine. We walked around the A Famosa fort, Portugese colonization legacy. I was never impressed about the history of Malacca, its unjust and over-rated. Time for breakfast. we drove around to find something authentic and local. a group of chinese stall amidst an old shoalin school fitted the bill. I was immediately submerge in familiar fragrant of yam cake, friend kway teow and of course the coarse smell of coffee. All of ordered noodles and yam cake. a cup of thick tea that evaporated the sleepiness from my eye. I was ready to breath in Malacca and all its offering.

Next we proceed to Jonker st. The Flea market was just opening. A delectable collection of stamps and coins form the british and japanese era. I found a stamp from 60’s featuring the queen but did not buy it. we browse old postcards, photographs, antiques from excavation. the traders could not give lots of information, so valuation was really an issue. The sun was slowly heating up our skin. we unwrapped the batik off the waist. There was a lot of art gallery and sara was very keen. I found a foot reflex parlour. it was heaven and 50% cheaper from KL. i quickly took the 1 hour package and took the recliner. i was pampered by a chinese gentlemen. it was pure pleasure.. Our window-shopping was stopped by a chicken. A chicken rice ball restaurant. Time for lunch. This renowned place as served the best chicken rice in malacca for decades. It was unfortunate for me as I became selective eater; ie no meats for me.

So i took some rice, braised vegetable/egg and lots of fish-ball. Since we been walking from morning we decided to take a rest in the restaurant before heading home.

This road trip was exactly what I was awesome and we are so going to do it again soon.



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