Fever to Headache to hospital admission

I am writing this from the bed of Subang Jaya Medical Centre, Room No 329 Bed No 3.

Most of my blog writing has been suspsended from new year’s week. I’ve not been feeling so great after the road trip (i did write another blog about it but have not completed). On the way back from the road trip, we dropped by Tesco to buy some grocery for the new year eve’s pot-luck at work. I got the dried pastas, fresh rosemary & sweet basil and 3 cans of tuna in brine-salted. While I studied the tuna can my nostril followed a familiar aroma. It was wasabi and soy. I was standing in front of SUSHI counter. I quickly picked all my favorites, from smoked salmon to tuna mayo. They should definitely consider sweetcorn-free option. The vendor told me I had to purchase a big tub of wasabi because they ran out of the finger size. I wondered what I will do with the leftover wasabi. We got back home. I took a shower and dig into my sushi and down freshly squeezed orange juice and went to bed. That was the last thing I remembered.

I got up 6pm next day and I was really late. Today was the eve and I promised everyone a potluck of pasta with my secret sauce. However I did not panic. My mom and sister came to rescue. After some boiling, chopping, mixing and storing, the pasta was ready. I made it to work by 9pm and started my normal day. Chatting opps working while telling everyone about the road trip. The sensation in my nose was not right. I was going to fall sick, but it was the last thing I expect before the start of new year. The pot luck did not turn the way I expected. It was different. I was happy Sara and Allan was around. No plans for the first day. I slept after taking some medicine. I really slept. Got up the next day with high fever, sore throat, dry cough and headache. It was unbearable. I still got myself prepared for work. My whole body was giddy and I was lethargic. Called my brother. He drove me to the clinic. Got 1 day MC and some medicine.

It was my first MC. But I really couldn’t. Then I got back to my medicine-eating-then-sleeping-rountine. I was really falling sick. It got worst the next day. But definitely not another MC. Pull myself together and went to work. The fever was very high. I could feel the heat emmiting out of my body. I could feel the heat on my eye-balls. My lips was dry and chapped beyond form. Half a day passed, took leave for the rest. Lucky for me Allan was finishing around the same time. He drove me to clinic, we found my fever was really high. The doctor referred me to the hospital for a blood test. It could be dengue fever. The result showed I was having a mild infection on my throat, the fever is the side effect. The doctor wrote another round of medicine and sent me home. Got home, took all the medicine and went to bed. The next day the fever came back. My mom took me to the medical centre. i was warded immediately for observation. I stayed for 2 nite. This was my first time being in a ward. it was a bit weird and fun at the same time. of course the poking for blood test was not.

Its good to be back. I finally sticked my resolutions on the wall.

A new year that I will never forget..

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