Untitled for all the right reason!!!?

Old – Railton road, London

That day I was browsing a website which had old pics of Brixton, where I lived in London. I wanted to share those with you see.. how things have changed?

New – Railton Road, Brixton, London

Now for the blog..

Every time I start writing a blog the most difficult element of it is how to put a title on it and how much filtering it needs? Life is very strange sometimes you can’t really express how you feel? But I try. Well the past few days has been difficult for me. Moving back with your family after being away for 8 years is very challenging. It feels I’ve evolved passed them and that very intimidating. My mom is very lovely person and I’ve been the goodie son all along. So for my mother to see me rebel is something very new. We have our black sheep, my brother who is married by the way and expecting his first baby.

One of my first my disagreement with my mom was religion. After a certain age all of us have some idea on religion. Being a sensitive element it very difficult to change people’s opinion. The talk started when my mom invited me to a temple to which I politely declined. Then it got heated up when she started pushing it down me. I was disturbed but gave me my point of view. I do believe in god, i wish i atheist but i am not. I read an article which argues even atheist is a religion. The foundation of any religion is believe and faith, So believing in something defines a religion. If I believe got does not exist there you go another religion. On the contrary I do believe god but not someone who has a name and story. There is definitely someone above us but I do not want to name it.

Distance do make a hearth ponder. I am very near to my family but I do not feel the closeness anymore which is bizarre for me? But whenever I try to get close I get drifted away.. maybe this is life.. i wonder..

Health is improving after my sickly week. My throat feel better now. I do have an appointment tomorrow. So wish me luck. At the moment work and spending time with my friends is something I really enjoy. I am not sure whether I wanna make some changes..

I need to restart my life both personally and professionally.. I never wanted to work a deskbound job again and working in a bank changes everything..



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