Its been more then 2 weeks since I moved to Singapore and I could feel the tide is slowly changing. This last year has challenging in every sense, meaningful nevertheless. I am very happy that I made the move to Singapore. I finally found a job in Starbucks, away from office table that I am usually accustomed too. I am very excited to be part of them and build on my life in Singapore. Life here is very different.. and incidentally laddered with alcohol along the way. This has been the case for the past 1 1/2 week. It started off with a steamboat and beer to 1ltr bottle of Chivas.. Last Friday it was my friend’s birthday party.. I started with a glass of Shiraz from the Jacobs Greek range. My favorite and the dinner that I prepared was all fabulous. Its been raining for few days now, so I have delayed my trip back to KL. I really wanna see my mother. After staying close to her for 5months I really started missing her.

Looking forward for a fabulous year ahead.

Wish you the same.. I am going to leave you guys with a proverbs from Henry Ford.

“Whether you think can or cannot” either way you’re right.

Its a powerful saying and I use it everyday as reflection.

from my room @whampoa, Singapore


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