Love – is it just a myth

I was getting a bit lonely and even sad. One of my friend use to tell me I may be alone but never lonely. What is missing? I stumble into this old song that I love. After all these years I wonder whether the ideals are true after all. Or is it just a shamble made believe by some selfish human. Or are they some rules. Is love just a game and if you do not know the rules.. you get crushed. I thought I just had to believe in it and love will come flying to me like a dove.

Whether its true or not, I would like to share the below song that have touch my life in many different ways.

When you love someone >> Anita Baker & James Ingram

Were we ever, did we used it up too fast
Our great moments never meant to last
And the last thing that I want
Is to ever make your smile go away

Keep our memories
Take the best of what we had
I can’t stand to watch what once was great go by
And I can’t be with and I rather just remember what we knew

When you love someone
And you love them with your heart
And it doesn’t disappear if you’re apart
When you love someone
And you’ve done all you can do
Then you set them free
And if that love is true
When you love someone
It will all come back to you

Life I wonder
Was it too much that we gave
If we give in more could we have both been save
All I guess we’ve crossed the line
Never knowing what was yours and what was mine

And through it all
I still have no regret
Just promise me
You never will forget

Another one of my favorite

I will find someone to build my whole new world



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