Cruising at the Hospital

I know the title sounds odd, but some of the men seen today changed my view. Followed my mom for a regular check up. Woke up very early and all. So I was not entirely fresh looking like yesterday. After the mineral clay mask my face feel like a baby’s skin. I sat in the waiting room snapping self pics using my mobile. I kept on doing this like for 10mins. Suddenly I stopped when a god just walked pass me. He was Indian, tall, dark, sleepy eyes, well dressed with nike trainers. I looked at my pics on my mobile. i do not look bad myself. SK II is working. I guess he followed his mom too. A guy who take cares of his mom seems responsible and sweet. I try not to look at him but he sat across my seat. We exchanged look. He looked very uncomfortable. It was 830am and I’ve not had my cup of coffee. I couldn’t be cruising a guy this early at least not in the hospital. Took my Ipod. Not sure what to listen. I’ve heard all the gay podcasts twice. So maybe some loves song to compliment my anxiety. He got up and left. My mom was back. She is the first one to see the doctor. I got up and told he I am going down to the cafeteria for coffee.

As I got out of the elevator, a hunky doctor passed me. He was also dark, slightly shorter. There was something in his face that I could not really make out. He was definitely not local. He walked quickly as if he was rushing somewhere. Without caffeine I do not function so well. Thus no plans to run after him. Saw the exit and smoking become temptation. It was rather a windy morning, usually in the sun piercing through you skin. I enjoyed the first smoke of the day and headed back inside. The cafeteria did no have any coffee, I was disappointed. Gave tea a chance.

My mom just got out of the consultation room. She got another appointment next month. We went over to the pharmacy to collect her medicine. As I was sitting down waiting for my no to be called, my eyes stopped on one angle. This time it was a fair guy, early 20s, stubble, fit, the proportion of upper and lower body was just right. He turn to revealed his perfect butt. A bubble butt only made to squeeze. I couldn’t really make out his race. He looked Indian but a bit mixed. Don’t want to waste time deciphering then to spend as much time feasting my eyes. Though I did not feel so sexual merely worshiping the great god’s job on men’s body. I’ve seen some guys that I want to rip off his cloths and kneel down. I wished I could over and asked him out. How do I do that? I was brought back to reality. I was sitting in a muslim country where sodomy is punishable. When did all get so difficult. But I was still happy that I saw all of them.

After the hospital, me and mom went to Little India for breakfast cum lunch. As I was entering the restaurant I saw a young guy. He was wearing a yellow t-shirt complimenting his beige like skin color. Yes!! Indian again. Little India is known to be the meet up place of many gay mens. But it was still early, i thought. He was short, stubble, spikey hairdo and was with a group friends. I insisted to sit on the table across him. I think at one point my mother caught be staring at a group of guys. I quickly brushed off that thought and went back to the food. See no touch is my policy, as I am seeing someone. He is in Singapore. I haven’t heard from him for few days. Weekdays are very tight for him. In Asia we grow up believing that the thought is more sinful that the act. But I grew up discovering otherwise. A bit of looking and fantasy is alright and even healthy. But you need to know the line and never cross it. In reality there are no boundaries. Only those rest inside our heard. The lines, ethics, loyalty and such. There are no fences in real life. I wish there were. So be careful guys. Think twice before you cross especially if you have someone.

Monogamy seems so 80’s. Its all polygamy now. I for one believes in true love and the pillars that holds them.

– another day in my life. I came home and started watching Queer As Folk (US) again. Brian Kinney is so so cute and Michael is so so vulnerable.


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