Monday, Tuesday, Wed…

My week started exactly like the title. The first 3 days was filled with accompanying my mom for her medical appointments. I was waking up before the sun is up. Which was very new for me? The caffeine in tea does not help with my morning soberness. I missed a cup of coffee from a fair trade beans. In between it was filled with shopping and meeting friends. I watched 10,000 bc, the mist and flood. None which I would recommend. Seeing London flood broke my heart. Those were the streets a walked and the big ben I admire. I also manage to meet Presh who just came back from a business trip. So it was all good.

It was thursday and I still haven’t heard anything from Singapore. I was getting anxious. Later found out that It takes another week or so. Didn’t really know what I was feeling. Sometimes it feels its been long since I worked. Approx 6 months. All this unemployment is making me lazy. Some days are filled watching Gay and Horror asian movies. Daniel Henney in seducing mr right was very cute. I read he is appearing as the bad guy in the next X-men. My all time favorite with a cute asian guy, thats definitely a bonus.

Last nite I went out clubbing. Me and Sara have been taking lots of rain check earlier. Not really sure why. Sometimes I blame it on age.. but maybe the satisfaction level has decreased. This time it was different because the mega-bitch-fabulous-burberry-lv-wearing-best-friend was in town. So Indian clubbing were included automatically. I do not want to write in length about the experience. Lets just say the pitch of long island tea smelled like rat poison. I had 3 shot of Jose Quervo tequilla before I left home. So good alcohol was able to balance the bad.

Its saturday and the time is 2206hrs. I’ve already downed 2 shots. Waiting for allan to come and fetch me. I also clean shaved today. It feels my face is fairer. All the stubble is dimming my skin color. Oh yes.. whitney is screaming in the background. Just got a text.. My car is ready..

So where do broken hearts go.. i wonder.. back to where. Can something hurt when u do not know what is it.. being gay is so complicated. if these songs were written for boy-girl relationship why does it seem relevant. Maybe deep down, gender does not matter. Am I in Love?


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