Another Sunday

i found an old poem i wrote when i was in London.. sweet..


———- Forwarded message ———-

Another Sunday in London
Hot and Sunny the start of the day
signal failure on the tube everywhere
replacement bus and train
chaotic it seems near and far
on the bus now to victoria
passing by new place
passing by new people
pungent smell of incense suddenly
struck up my nostril
london’s smelly and beautiful
why i wondered!!
entering oxford street
rows of shops
people all dying to shop
designer label to sandwich kiosk
buses and cars jammed in traffic
people strolling with shopping bag
and in their winter wear
Oh SNOW why don’t you come
to soother this hectic day
inside my pants i want to pee
the guy across me looks worn out by the day
i wonder when i’ll reach home
to cuddle up with my pillow
sipping the hot cup of coffee
the day will be over soon i reckon
the excitement never ends
in this old LONDON
I’ll wait eagerly for
another Sunday



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