SMS story

Writing new year resolutions down on paper is my annual ritual. This year one of my resolutions was to write a book. Well I know its a big dream with lots of word, but i believe its achievable – lots of dedication and discipline, even more words and a good publisher & agent. When ever you start organising every dreams seems easy. Thus, I decided to write.. Since i spend more time on mobile then my computer, its an obvious place to start.. so I’m been typing mini sms stories and sending them out to everyone.. then i thought of you guys.. my blog readers, how can i leave you guys out.. below is the first few parts of the story.. lots of abbreviation being used due to space limitation but its still legible.. do leave some comments…. thank u… the below was equivalent to19 smses.. I haven’t thought of a title so i am calling it The Journey for now..


T journey was long n daunting. Wrecked building along. A small cloud of confusion aroused through my head. People looked different. Everything looked strange. My mind still trying to sense it all up. Where was i? T last i remember was boarding the bus in Songra-ki, a small village in southern thailand. I awoke inside a fast train. A language i could not comprehend. T back of my head hurts, as if someone hit me down with a metal rod. I can hear t sound.. A woman’s voice. Speaking very softly but quickly. I’m sure its about me. Something to do with me. Tall n skinny. Skin soft like winter snow. She came close. Can’t figure out her face. She hold my wrist. Her hand was cold. Like a dead person. There was no warmth. She spoke to me, unknown what she said. I nodded my head. Have her my other hand. She tied a string around it n started chanting. My head was wet. A thick liquid ran through my nose. My body started shivering. I was getting into a trance. I got up, the train going even faster. Like it was chasing t speed of light. The train is almost empty.:-It stopped finally and door opened. I was thirsty n scared. Step out of t train. Looked left n right. T Platform was empty. My feet was heavy to make t next step. My body felt deep chill, until my spine frost. I could feel her hair brushing my skin. The sensation faded. My head started bleeding, i heard t sound of metal hitting t floor. The thick liquid was my blood. She said something again. I got up n fell to t floor then dragged out of t room. I couldn’t remember anymore. My head hurts a bit more. T platform floor was pale blue color. Pillars everywhere. Stained posters on t wall, ripped half way. Another train passed in front of me, empty. I looked around for t name of t station. Saw a signboard. I could not read it. Cool breeze of air was caressing my face. “are u lost”, i turned to find a huge indian guy standing in front of me. I didn’t see him coming from any direction. “where do u wanna go” he asked again. His voice, husky, ageing, late 40s, stubble, curly hairs n strong smell of alcohol of some sort. I couldn’t answer. I couldn’t speak. He took a mobile phone from his front pocket.
T paddy field was like a big green carpet covering earth. John always loved t nature n anything green. He came running. “Paul, this is awesome just as i imagine n more, n u complete t picture darling”. Kissed him. His lips sweet n wet. I closed my eyes, felt loved…



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