The Card

Went a came home, i found a card that came through post on my desk.. i eagerly tore open and happy… it came from my best friend Changan. It was inspirational.. and the wordings was heart-warming…. here it goes..

Don’t Quit

(front cover)
Life sometimes brings us problems
That we hardly can endure
And, no matter where we look
It seems that there are more
Yet never be discouraged
For, with life’s every trial and test
You’ll find the strenght
to overcome them
If you simply try your best

Never be discouraged
Nor give up in any way
For, not matter how dark the clouds
They are never here to stay
For, whenever there are storms
And your world come crashing down

If you never lose your faith
an answer will be found
So, keep believing in yourself
Throughout every single day
And if you have any thoughts of quitting
Then Dismiss them right away!!

(my friend’s message)
Dear Poovan,

wish you goo luck and love you

as wot said in the card, please bear in my mind

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