Love.. a strange thing!!

I’ve had this thought for a long time. Love indeed is a very strange thing. It can be heaven or debacle. The cause for many human-kind wars. It also can kill you (or u die for it). You never know when it comes or goes away. Some instances you fall in and out of love in seconds. How it function is so mysterious yet in full depth. The impact can be mind-boggling. For one minute you understand fully then the next you’re lost. How one decipher the fundamentals of love? Does it exist. so many question with so little answers.

But surely it makes you happy, stirs your emotion to all the direction. Sometimes you feel its holding your heart and squeezing it. The pain is excruciating, not comparable to any other sort of physical pain.

Why do we get sucked up? How do we put some sense into it? Do we leave it as it is and do not attempt to change. It runs its course and stays dormant for the next adventure. Lets look at the great love stories.. Devdas, fictional but the love pierce through our heart. Taj Mahal, the great architecture of all time, is the testament of love.. Only love has the power to erect some feat. When love works your way, it makes you do things you never imagine before.. otherwise total chaos..

But we fall in love anyway. We look for security in everything we do. Work, studies, finance but forgo any planning in love. IS it because it happens naturally. If great philosophers unable to decipher the bottom line, i doubt i could.

Love is great
Love is fabulous
Love is pain
Love is agony
Love is Love


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