2 weeks.. going on

This last 2 weeks has been very exciting for me. As I start another chapter in my life. Work has been filled with training, coffee tasting, espresso pulling, having a laugh, getting hooked to iced vanilla latte. Before joining Starbucks, my drinks choice ends at Caramel Macchiato and Coffee of the Day. Now this passion is heighten with coffee beans from all over the world. My favorite now is Cafe Verona, well balanced blend and compliments chocolate in every variation. Do you wanna find out whats you’ll like.. go to http://www.starbuckscoffeeathome.com/ and answer 5question and discover your cup of coffee. I can’t wait to buy my very own french press and start exploring the world of coffee. My interest is compliment with my winery passion. Both of are intriguing and ever-evolving.

On a personal count, Fabulous Asia takes up the rest of my time. Its one the first stage of development and the traffics are on a steady rise. I love responding to emails and updating the website. For those wondering what the hell I am talking about, please visit http://www.fabulousasia.com

Do tell me what you think? I almost forgot the icing of the week. My discontented ex-landlord agreed to give me back my old room. I’ve already applied for a phone line and 10mpbs broadband. I will be moving in next saturday. Now I need to re-pack and jump into a cab. At the same time I am quite sad to leave John, Tracii, Paul, Santhi, Benji and Musky. Both place is quite nearby, I learned there is a shortcut. Told John that I am taking the key along, so I can come anytime to visit them.

Leaping over to the future


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