the long silence

Good morning.. yes this is Poovan and i am finally writing again. Let me give u a glimpse of what happen. I moved in to a new room, just to find out in 6day that I need to moved out in 10days. Followed by high fever, cough, flu and sore throat, fortunately I recovered. I even took an MC to take rest, so it was really bad.. Now for the good bits, I got my white macbook. It so white that I wash my hand everytime I wanna use. Scared for discoloration. Work still going great. Today I am having my assessment.. will be a certified manager after tonite. Yeah..

So i am back, bolder and better.. I’ve taken lots of pictures and will be posting them soon.. In this past few days I’ve been thinking where I wanna be in 2years time. lots of planning is underway..

its good to be back blogging.. and will catch up soon.. I must now go and take a shower..



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