How do I feel today?

My life has always been a rollercoster ride of emotion and adventure. ‘not knowing where I am heading to next ‘ creates an excitement in my life. I constantly assess where I wanna go from here and how I am feeling today. First there was Singapore.. then London now I am back. Is it enough. Nope its never enough. I always want more. I push myself to the edge and i love it. Lately there is an emptiness, This happen after I live in KL for few month. Spending lots of time inside my room, family and friend created this belonging. A feeling I never felt before. The want to spend time with your closest friends in a tea shop on a saturday and chat while the world pass you by. It seems I am always looking for a meaning for my life. But have I found it. When will I be satisfied? is all the question to boggles my head all the time.

But I believe the measurement of happiness and how you feel inside takes centre-stage.

How do I feel today?


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