Coffee Galore

Buying the french press is one of my best purchase so far and worth the money. I’ve been indulging myself with Ethiopia Sidamo in the morning and Decaf houseblend at nite. When I started working with starbucks all coffee tasted the same. I was not able to distinguish between the body, aroma and flavor profile. Now I love latin-america coffee. Do you know whats your bean? Recently I found a website by Starbucks, but its based in US and able to make recommendation based on 4 Questions. Please follow this link to find out whats your bean?
Making coffee in the morning is like a ritual for me. I was told using the french press is the best way to enjoy a cuppa. The direct contact of off boiling point water and all rich coffee grinds extract the best tasting coffee. Lets talk about how to use a french press. If you’ve never seen one before.. heres a picture.
Lets see what Wiki has to say about French Press. Now you know all about French Press, which is the star of this post. I use a 4cup press. There are various ones in the market. The one in the picture is a 8cup one. Try getting the Bodum brand, which are renowned for their french press. Its evident that the freshness of your grinds affects the coffee, so always grind what you’re going to use. But for home users it maybe expensive but its definitely worth investing. If you’re buying beans from supermarket or cafe ensure you store it in an airtight container. In Starbucks, some of their staff are coffee master (recognizable by their black apron), have a chat with them. They will advise and suggest whats the best.

For a 4cup press use 5tablespoon of coffee grinds (any variety), and pour off point boiling water up to the mark and stir the grinds and water so they mix well. Try not to touch the glass part with your spoon, cuz its very hot and can cause breakages. Then set your timer for 4minutes. If you don;t have a fancy kitchen timer, use your mobile. It works fine too. Preferably don’t go so far away, or carry your mobile with youy.. Sometimes I do my bed while waiting for my coffee to brew. After the beep, quickly press down. Give it a minute to rest. Pour it into your favourite cup and the sit back and relax. I usually carry mine with my newspaper and sit at the void-deck or playgrounds. Its an addictive ritual but relaxing as well.

Smell the aroma (this is a must, your nose plays an important role on how your brain perceive the taste), note how the coffee feels on your tongue, check for acidity or other flavor profile like nuttiness, earthy, cocoa.. and always make sure you enjoy every bit of it..

If you have any questions or comments please do drop me an email..

Enjoy your cuppa


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