Holland V Economical Mee Hoon

I work around Holland Village, and getting a good meal something difficult due to my work timing. So weekdays I rather munch on healthy(like real) snacks and drink. However Sunday is my favorite day because I arrive very early when all other souls are still sleeping. Holland V is almost deserted , but the morning breeze always put a smile on my face. The Holland V Economy Bee Hoon store pulls a bigger smile. The old uncle whom religiously prepare the noodle, fry all other side condiments is always cheerful despite spending all day in front of a oil wok. He is very friendly and attentive too. Lets take of the star of the menu. The bee hoon, stir fried in big batch but to perfection. Not very oily, just the right amount of soy to taste, and some other secret ingredients that I’m unable to uncover. If you the bee hoon is not enough, you can choose an array of deep frieds like chicken wings, hotdogs, various size of fish cakes/balls. Another great compliment to the bee hoon is the chilli. Slightly tangy and greatly spicy, also served with pickled green chillies. My sunday morning is never complete without a visit to his stall. Even though surrounded by top-notch restaurants the owners smile and good foods is always a winner. I also heard that its always have a long queue during peak hours. So the next time ur in holland v and feeling peckish you know where to go!! Its located at the heart of holland village.

If u do please let me know your experience.. have a great day


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