Roti Prata restaurant

When you think of Prata, there is no other best place to go then the Roti Prata house. Situated along Thomson Road. I’ve been indulging in some of the best Crispy Prata (their invention), dipped in just right fish curry. Its an experience I would say, enhance it with their freshly made Teh Alia (ginger tea). Their other offering includes Briyani, Mee Goreng, Rojak, Murtabak and of course Prata. The choice for Prata is endless, amidst skies the limit. The menu includes Prata with Kaya, cheese, mushroom, ice cream, tissue prata, durian, plaster prata, banana Prata. The beverage line-up is also mouth watering.. Try their Tea Chino.. foamy pulled milk topped with tea concentrate.. of for the daredevil don’t forgo the Milo Dinosours.. Extra spoonful of milo blended with sweetened condensed milk and topped with generous helping of Milo.. yummy!!!

Rota Prata Restaurant is located at 134 Casuarina Road, SG 559722
Price is reasonable, expect to spend $4-$7 per person – food and drinks

Happy Prata-ing!!! Also check out the trays of eggs in the Centre of the restaurants.. its like a mini egg farm!!!


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