My Mobile Driven away

two nites ago I was waiting for a cab below my house in KL (sunway). Casually listening to Jordin Spark on my ipod. A white MYVI car (agj 4045) pulled over and asked for direction. The driver was in his late 30s, dark-skinned indian man. I told him he was on the wrong side of the road. He politely asked whether I can help him to send an sms to his friend, cuz he was visiting and from out of town. I naively told him why don’t you give him a call thinking its noble for a man to help another man. He took hold of my phone and said he was going to reverse and park the car so he can make that call. To my surprise, he drove away with my phone still with him. Flabbergasted I was, then continued with my music. I was not angry with him or myself.. but took the essence from the experience with a pinch of salt.

A fair lesson to be learned. First do not trust anyone inside a car. The mobile was not expensive but it imparted me with an important lesson that you have to be cautious, u never know who is going to strike from all direction possible.

this guys is from malaysia.. so divas.. please watch out!!

I am not a believer in a chain emails.. but please forward this to all your friends in KL-malaysia



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