My new house

For the second time in Singapore, I’ve moved to a house with no house-owner and its extremely cool to have the whole hall to yourself. It’s a small 2+1 apartment located at the east area. Everything is so different here. The people, the pets, food courts even the familiar Fair Price supermarkets looks peculiar. Oh maybe its just me. The house is very airy and bright which I like. The fact that I slept last night without fan is still very disturbing. I’ve been pestering the house agent to get me another wardrobe and a fan. Which seems to be basic, but she seems to disagree. I woke at 830pm. Sun shining through my un-curtain windows. There was a sense of freshness from that experience. Put on a t-shirt and came out to the hall where I met another of my house mate. I can’t seems to recall his name but he works for the raffles hotel. There is another one whom I still sleeping. Had a quick shower and wanted to hits to food courts to get some breakfast. My stomach has been growling, even though I had the new McD Fillet-O-Fish with wasabi mayonnaise and that was yummy and spicy. Walked across to the food court and found most of the stall are not open yet. Saw long queues on those open. I walked around a bit scanning through the different food offering. They have almost everything.. from choc muffin, French toast, economical mee hoon, and my favorite nasi lemak. I settled for a plate of fried mee hoon with sunny side up for $1.20 which I felt was totally reasonable. Quickly bought a spoon, a fork and tea spoon. The house did not have any basic crockery. Came back and continued with my specially brewed English breakfast and ate. Watched some cooking show on TV about how to make fajitas and guacamole, I was more interested with the cute chef, LOL. The fridge was in an aweful condition, so decided to give that some love. After scrubbing and washing the fridge, it was time to pressed a fresh cup of coffee. Which will be my first in my new house. I wanted something robust and bold, picked the French roast grind and filled my plungers set. While it was brewing, watched a bit TV and took out my computer. I did relocate my broadband but unfortunately there were no phone socket inside the house which was a bit sucky. However I’ve got SingTel to fix a new one and the earliest I could get it will be on Tuesday which is not so bad. Meanwhile there is a 24hrs McD in walking distance and a Starbucks in about 2 bus stops away. Getting online in Singapore is not so hassleful.
Later tonight I got an interview, so I need to make some preparation. Not going to tell you guys all about it just yet. Check out my blog again for the story..



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