Chinese horoscope 2009 – horse

Horse Year Borns: (1906, 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990)

Good Personality Traits:Friendly, Cheerful, Popular and Hardworking.

Bad Personality Traits: Impatient, Selfish, Egotistical and Short Tempered.

Horse’s Compatibility: Tiger, Ram and Dog.

Forecast: According to the Chinese Horoscope for Horses, these people are going to undergo a lot of travel in the Year of the Rat.

2009 will bring along many changes and movements for the Horses. Single Horses can look forward for long lasting love relationships this year. Professionally, the Horses might face delays in completing projects in 2009. These people are advised to stay focused this year in their professional dealings. Chinese Horoscopes 2009 also indicate that the Horses need to step back and rely on their colleagues for support for gains in their professional life. Horoscopes for Horses indicate that these people might feel weak in terms of their health in 2009. Chinese Horoscope 2009 advises the Horses to take care of their diets in 2009. They are advised to add healthy and natural food in their diet this year. Since, this will be a year of hard work, the Horses need to take sufficient sleep throughout the year.
As far as the love life of the Horses is considered, the Year of Ox will welcome you with love in the air from your spouse’s side. All your loved ones will support you throughout the year. Family members will give the best of their advises to the Horses during this year, so don’t neglect them. Horses are advised not to take risks by investing money this year. These people need to plan their savings very carefully in 2009. Avoid giving loans to anyone in the Year of Ox. Overall, the Year of Ox will bring many changes for the Horses.


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