A guy who phones three times after saying that he
might give me a call;
and when we meet does not look
across the street for a new mate,
but, even after our twentieth date,
still makes me feel like the only person in the room,
or the world.

Someone whose smile will stay when he looks away,
who reaches for my hand, not because he needs a hand up,
but because he knows that the slightest touch
can feel as real as the embrace of a long-lost friend.

Someone who will do the dishes after I make him breakfast in bed;
or who will come for a cuddle while I butter the bread
because it’s lonely in there without me.

Someone who refuses to wait till xmas or valentines or birthdays
to make me feel special,
and does that, by greeting me with a smile
as soon as he opens his eyes.

Someone who, even though across the room at a party somewhere,
can still hold me with his smile, kissing me
with a long-distance grin, hugging me with silent reassurance,
loud expressions.

A guy who uses the word “love” only when he is sure that he means it,
and who says it often enough to make me feel the same as I did the first time,
but not so often that I fail to appreciate what it means.

Someone who always sounds pleased to hear me,
even if I am calling just
to remind him to fetch milk on the way over.

A guy who never does anything because he feels obliged to,
and for whom a spur of the moment surprise
can be something he has cultivated, for a while.

And when he talks to others, even those he has just met,
he talks about me with passion, and people can tell his heart is set
on one person only.

This aint no checklist, that’s for sure…

just want the chance to BE
the kind of person
I am looking for.

(Author : UNknown-definitely not me)


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