The same old Question

this must be an age (or ancient) old question. How do we find it? After 28 years of soul-searching, I finally found the answer. Although it was not the long-awaited eternal-bliss but the definitely the tip of iceberg.

The Answer : Happiness (or whatever you wanna call it), is already inside. Theoretically you cannot find sometime you already have. Sometimes you may need to rediscover it.

Now another question aroused, If I have it how do I bring it out and feel it.. not only feel it myself but let it emit and translate my whole life.

I’ll leave you with a mind-boggling thought. What if all this happiness crap is just an idea? or even illusion. We’ve never seen god or the bad guy.. but we still believe he/she exists.

hmmm what a tempting thought!! gotta run to find an atheist to find answer.. oh my god another question..


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