Life is full of questions. And usually the answers are cleverly hidden within the wedges. I wonder how and why some things happen and usually evoke lots of questions. What do I want? I want to be happy. Happy with someone or happy with myself. Those are the questions and I know the answers too. 2009 is the year of reflection of my past, present and what I am going to do in the near future. Lots of decision will be made. Do i stay here? go back to KL or move to US. Buy a house in KL or adopt a kid. I’m 30 and the nite is always young on me. Work is good at least. Why I can’t to surface the emptiness I feel inside. Where do I find myself? How can some people just go on living without any meaning or do the settle for the 2nd best. A friend of mine said.. count the blessing, actually I do. There are a lots of stuffs that exist in my life that I’m thankful of. Friends that I count of my life on. Loving family in a safe distance.

I’m at the crossroad again. Do I stay or runaway!!!

time will tell


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