The Merchant of Bollywood

Highly praised musical extravaganza “The Merchant of Bollywood” is going to hit the shores of Malaysia in July 2009 in conjunction with Kuala Lumpur Festival. The musical has been described as the Indian version of “Billy Elliot”. This is the first and only stop in Asia. Powered by colorful and flamboyantly dressed dancer, its going to rock the stage of Istana Budaya where it’ll be held. The music is powered by Oscar award winner – A R Rahman. The show is about the history of the Bollywood film industry, and it is named after Hiralalji Merchant and his grand daughter Vaibhavi Merchant, two notable Indian choreographers. Vaibhavi Merchant will be choreographing the show. Merchants of Bollywood Writer / Director, Toby Gough; Choreographer, Vaibhavi Merchant; and show Producer, Mark Brady. Its once in a lifetime experience so don’t miss it.

It’ll be staged at KL Istana Budaya from 14th to 26th July 2009. For tickets please visit TicketProand get you best seats.


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