11days come to an end

My holiday back home (KL) is coming to end. A wisp gloominess started circling above my head. I do like it in Singapore.. but I always slip into this mood whenever I leave.. Maybe home is the best place to be.. not matter how much greener the other side of fence. This holiday was very different from the rest. Firstly I did not plan anything. Hence it was much home-based, spending time with my mom and my niece.. aw!! she is so adorable and always smiling. her smiles makes my heart warm all the time. I drank lots of tea tarik from all the coffee shop loafing with Jo and Presh.

The main objective was to plan what i was going to do next and I guess mission accomplished..
Will share more as you follow my blog along..

this one is more of my last minute whining.. I was planning to buy a car for my sister.. it would have been much easier if i could just click and get one off the internet. but it was not that easy at all. for someone whom don’t have any opinion about automobile, it also reveal how uninformed I was about cars? power steering, airbag, automatic transmission, fuel consumption, comfortability, ease of driving and the list goes on.. mind numbing.. after all the visit to car showroom and test drive.. i got more confused then I started.. so i’m shelving the idea for now.. (savings saved in the bank).

well folks .. lets all pray for a better future tomorrow..

see you guys back in singapore.


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