Me at Bukit Indah AEON

I got up around 10plus today. Went to bed quite late. Since my KL trip was canceled I did not have any other plan beside getting to a place where I can be online. Its seems I have lots of stuffs to do online. Santana (my best friend) left to work in the morning. Ramesh and myself left house around 1130am to have lunch. He agreed to drop me off at Bukit Indah – a huge shopping mall. There is a Starbucks and I know I could get a decent cup of coffee and free wifi. Got my new regular drink, the liberty of customizing you drinks at Starbucks gives you ample of choice and I made a crazy choice today. Well it got me started with my day. Of course the banana choc muffin was also looking out for me. I’ll have one and slightly warmed up. The drink and muffin was sumptuous. What was undesirable – the man who was sitting beside me, he was overly friendly and watching pirated movie on his laptop. He even wanted to hold my Mac to see how heavy it was? Every few minutes He’ll makes some crazy remarks… The mac must be expensive, how much is the muffin?, are you singaporean, do you smoke and few more that I couldn’t remember after I started ignoring him. I’m know to strike conversation with strangers, guess its one of the days I just wanted to be alone with my laptop. He also did something that was out of the world, He took a serviette from my drink tray and blew his nose. OMG and then he left.

The Internet speed at Starbucks was atrocious. Well I don’t want to watch streaming movies, but at least let me check my emails and facebook. It was getting worst- I couldn’t open Twitter. The staffs here was very friendly, especially this cute young malay boy whom was amazing with drink-ordering skills. LOL. It was nice seeing him walk up and down. To be honest Its kind of blur what I did online today. Checked couple of emails, chatted with benin, checkout SHMC
sent out some mass email and was also trying to make WordPress work. I must be honest blogspot is way easier and straight forward to use. But I was told if i’m hosting my own blog its better to use wordpress as there is lots of plugin and some are very powerful. Confused and still angry with the Internet speed I called and booked an appt. For what? 1 hour of foot reflexology. Appointment set for 340am. I asked for male therapist but there were none. Slightly disappointed. Have you been to one, if not I implore to try it immediately. Its heaveness and the feeling of someone going to pamper your feet for the next one hour is fantastic. Usually I always gets this feeling that I deserve this sort of treatment. yes actually i do. I arrived promptly and was greeted by the receptionist. I was very impressed with the whole service. the damage – RM50 + RM10(tips) only.

Why it was brilliant? whats next definitely was so difficult to find something vegetarian.. so i settled with a thai friend rice with only egg to give me all the protein. I had it at the food court and they offer free wifi, I was the only one there with a laptop hence was fully utilising the bandwidth. The download was super fast.

Now its 905pm.. and I got here around 130pm.. back at starbucks with a bottle of mineral water and waiting for Santana to pick me up. I reckon its not the end of the day.. I sniff a midnight movie is in store. Hmmmm.

What a interesting Saturday?


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