Forex – babypipsme…

I’ve heard about FOREX mention again and again for many years. If you

opened your weekend papers its common to see advertisement on free

forex seminars, promising a million things. Its quite the same here in

Singapore and Malaysia. To be honest I’ve registered for some but still

was skeptical of attending one. I was coming to KL this weekend for

my niece one year old birthday. Yesterday before I left Singapore I

received yet another email about Forex this time one of the seminar

was being in a hotel near Sunway (where i live). The 5hour bus journey

got me really tired and was lazy to attend.. but with bold determination

to change my life I took a cab to the Seminar.

Upon arrival I was greeted by 2 obvious Singaporeans. Despite my reservation

lots of people took their saturday afternoon and arrived sleepy just like me.

I was surprised to see people from all walks of life. Indian auntys, retired chinese

uncles and some young adults too. I can help to witness the light of skeptism

shining of them all, including me. The seminar was started loudly by Indian

guy whom did not bother to introduce himself, cuz he was going to introduce

Choo Koon lip who was the speaker for the evening.

A petite even more obvious singaporean took the centre stage and got into

the business immediately. He went to clearly all his powerpoint presentation.

I did a learn a thing or two. now Finally after many years I know whats a PIPs

is.. While he was uttering away all the jargons and flashing sildes on the screen

I couldn;t help but to admire his Passion for what he was doing? The emotional

care side of him clearly come through towards the end of the seminar.

I carefully walked towards to one of the tutors and mentioned I lived in Singapore

hence to get someone to call me for the future seminar, which she gladly obliged.

I’m not really sure whether I’m going to attend the 2days seminar which going to

close to my one month sallary but I took some brochures.. While I was reading

something struck my attention.. I’ve copied it below :-


If you fall into either of the below categories :-

– gambler

– jobless

– totally computer llliterate

– one who doesn’t want to put in effort

– someone who’s hopping that money will fall from the sky <<

– someone who thinks that Forex trading is a quick-get-rich scheme

you are not advised to join this workshop.


Thank god I don’t fall in any of category, only jobless soon.. hahahah

I’m going to do a bit more research.. and will share my findings here.


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