Hawker Horror

Singapore is not OK in my Case 😦

I got up early today even though it was my off day, cuz I need to head down
to store (where i work) to sort out some admin work. As usual after all my
morning ritual I left my house feeling rather hazy. Lets just saw not really
myself. Mentally I was still deciding whether I should go the HQ before
I head the store. Store is where my cigarette is. hahah.. but the deciding
factors would definitely be my outstanding work so I’ll be ready on time
for a meeting at 11am. So I eft my house carrying my medium-heavy
bag walking towards the bus-stop. SMS two of my breakfast buddies,
but did not get any reply from them. Hence breakfast alone again. Not
that I mind. People watching or reading a book while having food is my
favorite past-time. I do enjoy company, but I enjoy myself more. If that sounds
wrong to you, its not my problem.

I cross the road and headed to the Old Airport Road food court ( next to the
wet market). Greeted by my vegetarian stall perky aunty. I ordered some noodle
picked up some side dish and was looking for a place to site. For the past
few days all the stalls has been closed for cleaning of vents and sorts. So
the food court was full with people downing their cup of black while reading
newspaper. Long queues in front of Fish Ball Noodle shop (not sure what the
fuss is all about, are they scared the fish-balls will fly away, foreign workers
getting their fix of carbs, nicotine and of course caffeine.

I looked around and found a table right in front a drink stalls. They serve
my usual hawker-centre-drink-hot-tea-with-one-cube-of-ice. I wasn’t particularly
noticing anything after I started munching my noodles. Until I saw the lady inside
the drink stall wipe her face and nose with a handkerchief. Hence the next
step should have been to wash her hand with soap or sanitize. She did neither
and continued working. Slicing the toasted bread with her bare hands then
touching plate, bussing cloths. It was not good. So I continued to observe her
hands, it was going everywhere. Well to be honest I won’t be so paranoid if the
HINI is not in the rise.

Earlier I just updated my blog with some updates on H1N1 and witnessing
what’s happening here really bothered me? How clean are our hawker centre?
The government can come up with a million programmes and initiatives but
its up to the individual to follow it or not. Its definitely failing right in front of me.

This did not end here. I called one of the staff and suggested that bread-cutter
should be wearing a disposable hand-glove. He nodded and left to say something
in chinese. She just shake her head. But I did not see her cutting any breads
after that.. She may have continued after I left.

Its so sad to see that people in the food industry not taking responsibility for
themselves and consumer’s well being. Maybe its ok if a cafe-chain is
taking over all the local businesses. At least chains-cafe would have clearl
SOPs on cleanliness and food serving guidelines. (just a thought)

I will visit them another day to see If she is wearing a hand-glove.. if she isn’t
then wait for my next blog updates.

Have you witnessed similar incidents.. share it in the comments box.

830am – 25th June 2009


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