Ion Orchard

“We are open today just for you” reads the store directory brochure of the most hyped and newest addition to the landscape of Orchard Road. For long time Singapore wants to renovate and recolor Orchard Road as prominent shopping haven in Asia. Ion Orchard brought a step closer to this dream. As I walk towards the entrance, was greeted by huge cut fruit art piece. The huge LV crystal display steals the show really. Upon entering cold breeze of air con and smell of everything new filled our nostril. I read on tuesday NST about ION, So I was going to skip Level 1 to 4 (high end and luxury goods). OOOpps I forgot the $10K toilet bowl for the VVVVIP shoppers.

Just as most of middle-class sods, I took the escalator down to basement level. There is 4 floors down adjoining you to the the gantry of orchard MRT. Easy access in every way. Basements level are filled with new boutiques and old names and lots of food stalls. I was impressed with the selection of Japanese eateries. Be sure to check out the Japanese accented pâtisserie.

Check out other stores and offerings – Ion Orchard Directory


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