Time to Mask up

With 599 cases and still counting, I think its time to wear mask. Hence I thought I’ll share how to wear mask tips..

here you go

Not feeling so well.. go to a PPC now

Pandemic Preparedness Clinics (PPC)

Last updated on 26 Jun 09

Pandemic Preparedness Clinics (PPC), registered under MOH’s Influenza Pandemic Response Framework will be activated when there is evidence of sustained community transmission.

When we eventually move into the mitigation phase, members of the public who develop flu-like symptoms or influenza-like illness (e.g. fever, cough, sore-throat, runny nose) should go to the nearest PPC or polyclinic for initial assessment and treatment. Depending on the severity of their illness and other risk factors, they may be referred to the hospital for further management

ppc decal small

The PPCs will be identified with a “H1N1-ready” decal (above).

To locate the nearest PPC, public can go to HPB website (http://www.street-directory.com/hpb.ppc/ ) .


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