How to order a drink at Starbucks – Repost

Firstly let me clarify, I’m not writing this blog because I work for Starbucks. But to
actually give you an overview of how to order a drink at Starbucks. Whether you like
it or not.. you might stumble upon on one in your lifetime. So standing in front of the
menu board and looking blurred and worried that the cashier will think your a novice.
Starbucks has redefine cafe experience, so you don’t have much choice.

After you finish reading this posts, you’ll be equipped to order a drink at Starbucks like a pro.

Lets start.. before delving deep into ordering lets look at basic beverage on offer

a) latte – espresso shot (concentrated coffee), topped with steamed milk and foam.
b) cappuccino – espresso shot topped withh foam mostly, hence its lighter
c) mocha – choc sauce, espresso shot, topped with steamed milk and whipped cream
d) white choc mocha – same as above, only this one made white choc mocha obviously.
e) you can also have the espresso straight up, solo (single) or doppio (double)
f) americano – shots topped with hot water
g) caramel macchioto –

you can also have all the above iced as well.. when i say iced.. it means ice cubes not blended
those are frappuccinos.

Now lets break it down it a bit

X shots – number of shots you like in your coffee, you can also choose a regular or decaf shots.
type of milk – regular (full fat), non-fat, low fat (2% fat), Breve (mixture of regular milk and cream), Soy Milk
Syrups – there is vanilla, sugar free vanilla, hazelnut, caramel, irish cream, raspberry and sometimes promotional syrups
size – tall (12oz), Grande (16oz) and Venti (20z), preferrably not split a venti size
whipped cream – this is a choice with or without
caramel drizzle –
choc drizzle –

and many more combination you like. The essense is finding the right beverage that will suit your
taste bud.

My Favourite drink at the moment – Iced Triple Grande Soy extra caramel drizzle caramel macchioto.

Don’t worry you’ll find your soon. Go to Starbucks today and speak to one of the Barista.


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