Do your friends and loved ones tell you the truth?

What deep, dark secrets are they hiding from you? These are the catch phrases for the new tv game show that’s going to hit our tv (hd) screens. So I wanted to do a bit of digging online. The show is based on a Colombian game show called “Nothing more that the truth”. Basically contestants answers a series of 21 mostly personal and embarrassing questions for sum of money. The premiere was on 23rd Jan 2008.

So how do we know the contestants is telling the truth. Prior to the actual show the contestant is tested with polygraph reader and asked 50 questions. The polygraph testing results are kept secret. During the show same questions are asked and truth is revealed as per the polygraph results. The games becomes more intense when more revealing questions are directed. For each tier of truth, the contestant wins cash money.

Visit the for more infor.. there is a cute online version of the game.

I remember seeing the advert on channel 5 but could not locate the show time online. Will keep my eyes peeled next time and update the premier here in Singapore.

One video I found on youtube. It was very intense..

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