Dr Cafe at Ion Orchard (Singapore)

During the week of ION Orchard opening, NST wrote an article on whats new and upcoming in the most iconic landmark that’s sit conveniently on top of Orchard MRT station. It also mention 70% of the 355 outlet will be new to Singapore. Among them are jeweller-to-the-stars Harry Winston, Italian label DSquared2, Spanish high street label Bershka, Chinese sportswear retailer Li-Ning and Australian shoe company Rubi Shoes. Another highlight will be the $10,000 toilet bowls that grace the upper-posh floor (which I’ve not been yet).

The line up of food and beverage outlets are sensational, this includes the only US-owned Burger King, Dunkin Donuts, numerous Japanese food outlets (from restaurant to kiosk), gelato shops and Dr Cafe. This really caught my attention. “Better then Starbucks” was what mentioned in the papers about Dr Cafe. Intrigued!! I quickly gathered my squad and headed down to get a first hand look. The mall did not fail to impress me with the layout. One shortfall was definitely bijou walkaways (i’m talking about the basement levels). Unfortunately Dr Cafe was yet to open it doors. I left with disappointed.

Today another small group (with me in it) went to ION. Dr Cafe was open. Fixtures was splendor all squeezed into the small space. Everywhere you look was filled with merchandise and coffee bean. I cannot help to think it almost similar to Starbucks but with a hint of luxury. The hype was rather momentous. However I did not taste their coffee, left it for another trip. Had a brief chat with the store manager (who’s my friend) and picked up color glossy printed brochures. Even their application form was in full color. Impressive.

Taste of the coffee is yet to be scrutinize.

Dr Cafe is located at B2-49 Ion Orchard. Tel : 65099193 Opening hours 10am to 10pm.

A small write up about Dr Cafe.

“dr.CAFE® COFFEE is a leading coffee company that provides unmatched standard of quality Products, knowledgeable friendly Services and outstanding 1st Place Experience in order to suit each individual guest’s lifestyle and to make a personal experience memorable.

dr.CAFE® prides itself in serving the best Arabica beans the world has to offer. For us it has been a challenging adventure, almost beyond description, cultivate the spirit of a legendary coffee tradition, reinvent the masterpiece, personalize the original idea, foster the commitment to excel, and blend it with our philosophy and core valuesto deliver the best coffee in the world experience.”

Their Cookie Frappe and they baked their own pastries…


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